sabato 19 febbraio 2011

Posted by Iride On 18:42
I am not a child now, 
I can take care of myself. 
I mustn't let them down now, 
Mustn't let them see me cry. 
I'm fine, 
I'm fine. 
I'm to tired to listen, 
I'm too old to believe: 
All these childish stories, 
There is no such thing as faith, 
And trust, 
And pixie dust. 
I try, 
But its to hard to believe. 
I try, 
But I can't see what you see. 
I try 
I try 
I try 
My whole world is changing, 
I don't know where to turn, 
I can't leave you waiting, 
But I cant stay and watch the sitting burn; 
Watch it burn. 
'Cause I try, 
But its so hard to believe! 
I try, 
But I can't see where you see. 
I try 
I try 
I try and try, 
To understand, 
The distance in between: 
The love I feel, 
The things I fear, 
I dearly say good dream. 
I can finally see it 
Now I have to believe: 
All those precious stories 
All the world is made of faith, 
And trust, 
And pixie dust. 
So I'll try, 
'Cause I finally believe! 
I'll try, 
'Cause I can see where you see! 
I'll try! 
I'll try! 
I'll try! 
  I'll try... 
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5 commenti:

  1. è una tua poesia???!!!
    BELLISSIMA, davvero.
    buona serata

    p.s. grazie per il cappuccino! ;)

  2. @emme magari! E' una canzone, il link è nell'ultima strofa ;)
    La trovo bellissima per il suo messaggio..

  3. Ciao Iride
    ho visto il filmato su yuo Tube
    bella la musica e pure le immagini

  4. Ciao,benvenuta tra i lettori del mio blog,spero tu ci rimanga a lungo.

  5. In bocca al lupazzo per domani!


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